Green this green that. Deciphering what’s green hype vs. real green can make the difference between time and money wasting to “real gold” –invaluable information that’s practical, saving time & money of course, but also the environment.
At The Plumbing Artisans we are here to show you what’s what, in terms of how the right choices – and knowing – can make a home — or a business — maintain or even increase its energy efficiency.Some tips, for example (which link to third-party websites):

  • Convert Your Existing Toilet into a Dual-Flush System
  • Planet-Loving Plumbing
  • Plastic Water Piping Leads to Greater Corrosion, Lead Levels
  • Water: Doing More With Less
  • Water: Conserving This Precious Resource
  • High-Efficiency, Variable-Speed Pumps from Wilo and Grundfos
The Plumbing Artisans are proud members of Green Plumbers USA

The GreenPlumbers brand is owned by the Green Invest (, with training provided by MPMSAA. Green Invest Group of companies provide fully integrated sustainable environmental solutions ranging through:

  • Carbon emission trading
  • Energy, water and transport audits and assessments
  • Training and education services to individuals businesses, organizations
    and community groups
  • Supply and installation/implementation of green technologies
  • Implementing carbon offset programs and recommending energy efficiency initiatives.